What the federal government and the media say about Certified Bookkeepers:


“Certified Bookkeepers (CBs) and those with
several years of accounting or bookkeeping
experience will have the best job prospects.”

Occupational Outlook Handbook
U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics

“Small businesses often have only a bookkeeper as
their sole financial officer. Now they can rely on that de
facto CFO as a highly qualified and certified expert,
complete with the experience, training and qualifications
provided by a program established by the American
Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (www.aipb.org).”

Atlanta Journal and Constitution

“‘Certified bookkeepers are one of the most critical
positions within any organization, but most especially for
the small business owner,’ says Financial Consultant
Anita Johnson. ‘This isn’t about data entry, this is about
payroll, accruals, deferrals, adjusting trial balances,
calculating depreciation and valuation of merchandise
inventory. It’s the entire package. And if you’re certified,
you become tremendously valuable.’”

Sacramento (California) Bee

“Irene Hurst, director of the Small Business
Development Center at the University of South Florida,
says, ‘But how do you know a person actually knows
about bookkeeping? I’ve seen business after business get
in trouble because their bookkeeper didn’t keep records
straight or was taking money.’ She recommends businesses
hire certified bookkeepers when possible.”

Tampa Bay Business Journal

“Certified Bookkeepers demonstrate not only a
proven knowledge of basic GAAP accounting,” says
Margaret Stone, Pima Community College, (AZ),
but the motivation to learn and the desire and
ambition to be a professional.”

Internal Auditing Report (publication for CPAs)

Warren Gorham Lamont


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